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This guide provides information on Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Trending and Reporting. How to set up RPO Trending and Reporting, reporting calculations, definitions, charts and outputs, and advanced settings.

RPO Monitoring What’s New

As of Release 1.9, Eyeglass now includes:

  • RPO Reporting and backup monitoring report now track failed SyncIQ jobs and the report includes 30 day and last 24 hour  view out per policy and per cluster of all failed SyncIQ jobs that started but finished with an error code.
  • This allows the report to track the percentage of completed SyncIQ jobs when used in a backup monitoring solution.

As of Release 1.8, Eyeglass now includes:

  • On-demand report generation CLI and GUI option.
  • Total GB transferred in the reporting period as well as Avg GB transferred per Job in the reporting period.
  • Advanced Settings for Report Screenshot Enable/Disable, Report Time Range, Transfer Rate Troubleshooting Threshold, Interval Troubleshooting Threshold.

As of Release 1.6, Eyeglass now includes:

  • All new features are automatically enabled after the upgrade:
  • Per SyncIQ RPO reporting in the reports.
  • CSV file with per cluster and per policy data included for including in Excel or other reporting tools.
  • Automatic 30 Day rolling average per policy data loss in minutes graph PNG files attached to the email report for simple review and inclusion into reports or PowerPoint.

The solution now allows simple reporting for business units where a SyncIQ policy or more than one policy is specific to a business unit that requires SLA on the DR service of the files they consume on a cluster.

The new section to this guide has been added with examples of the output of the Per Cluster and Per Policy CSV and images that are automatically generated now every night.

Recovery Point Objective Key Features

With the Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Trending and Reporting feature you will have the data to answer these questions:

  • Am I meeting my RPO business target on my PowerScale cluster?

The Eyeglass Solution:  A daily email with your RPO business target compliance by cluster over the last 24 hours and the last 30 days in a simple and easy to read summary report.

  • Are my SyncIQ Policies performing as expected?

The Eyeglass Solution: A daily email with SyncIQ policies by cluster where job interval or transfer rate does not meet historical performance over the last 30 days.

  • How do I optimize my SyncIQ schedule to lower my RPO to match my WAN bandwidth and data change rate?

The Eyeglass Solution: Tune your SyncIQ Replication based on tracking your data change rate with deep-dive graphing that allows the time of day, week, month trending to assist with lowering your replication schedule or increasing it to achieve shorter replication cycles with SyncIQ.

  • How far back can I recover my business data?

The Eyeglass Solution: Graph and trend your business's recovery point graphed as the age of data in minutes in the past per SyncIQ policy.

  • How much bandwidth is used and when is it used?

The Eyeglass Solution: Graph and trend GB data transferred per SyncIQ Policy to help with WAN bandwidth planning and quality of service at the network lawyer to ensure your critical business data has adequate bandwidth to meet your RPO objectives.

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