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Introduction to this Guide

Introduction to this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist you in configuring and and administering your Eyeglass PowerScale Edition.  


Eyeglass addresses an HA DR automation and orchestration platform for PowerScale clusters.  As file based data becomes mission critical to business, a DR application focused on automating and synchronizing configuration data is needed to access data shares.  

A solution that ensures all data (SyncIQ replication) and configuration data is also replicated for a DR event is only one aspect of a well designed high availability solution.   Many factors need to be considered to failover a file based application.  

 Software Release Updates

The initial releases of the Eyeglass product focused on sync of configuration data, cluster and SyncIQ policy automation failover, and reporting automation of configuration and DR readiness. Superna is working continuously to improve Eyeglass PowerScale Edition with enhancements and feature updates. The What's Coming link will provide you with detail on past, current, and future enhancements.

Help Getting Started with Eyeglass

To get started you should understand the failover options and which one makes most sense for your environment.  The Read me First section of the Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Documentation  that covers Eyeglass DR Planning and Implementation will help to decide which option is best.

Superna also offers design and implementation services that can assist with this decision.

The next most important part of DR is planning, planning, planning  and more planning.  To assist with this planning process, we provide a checklist (Failover Planning Guide and checklist ) that covers all the key steps that we expect customers to execute before attempting a failover with Eyeglass (or failover in general).  Our support team will refer you to this document, if you ask for assistance in failover, to understand which of these preparation steps are completed.   This document is designed to ensure your success.  We suggest you review and adapt it to your business processes.

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