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How to Login with RBAC

How to Login with RBAC accounts on PowerScale or Active Directory Auth Provider Proxy login

  1. Release 2.5.8 or later the login accepts both local or AD accounts and will resolve the login to the correct authentication provider local or AD via PowerScale AD Auth provider.  The login screen will attempt to login to system zone on all managed clusters until a successful password validation has occurred.  The AD groups are checked local from a cache of AD information collected by Eyeglass.  NOTE:  The host IP can be left blank and managed clusters will be used automatically. This input is used to overide the cluster to be used for authentication using AD login ID's

  1. For example to login with an Active Directory domain user proxy authentication:
    1. Enter username in this format  <sam account name>@<DNS Domain name>
  1. Enter username in this format to use a local account on the PowerScale <username>@<cluster name>  
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