Administration Guides

Golden Copy GUI



Covers basic functions of the GUI.

Login to Golden Copy GUI

  1. Before login a local user must be added to the admin list.
  2. searchctl settings admins add --name ecaadmin --local 
  3. Then access https://x.x.x.x  to login .
  4. Main Screen shows a summary of all folders and any active uploads and data uploaded for all folders.  The archived folders are all unchecked which shows all folders in the dashboard.    

Monitor Archived Folder Statistics 

  1. On the main landing page scroll down to the bottom of the page.  The statistics show the sum of all folder statistics.  If you select a folder(s), then the statistics below will be updated to show the folders selected.
    1. NOTE:  The update interval to the GUI and the time period displayed can be changed from the defaults to see more statistics over a longer period of time

Archived Folders Tab 

  1. Lists all configured folders with option to add new columns to the display.
  2. Select a folder definition and then the trash icon to delete a folder definition.

Cluster Management Tab

  1. List  powerscale clusters, option to delete

Archive Jobs Tab

  1. View active and historical jobs
    1. To view stats on a running job expand the running job arrow to view current progress.

    2. For historical jobs click the down arrow to display details of the data copied, errored or skipped for this job.

Cloud Browser - beta

  1. This allows browsing object storage based on the configured folders without needing a 3rd party tool to see the data that is copied to the target storage. NOTE: not available in current builds.

System Monitoring Health Dashboard Tab

  1. Appliance health metrics for all components are displayed here in real-time with history .


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