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Feature Limits

Feature Limits

FunctionTested LimitComments
Bultin Access report to report on users with access to a specific SMB share (release or later) 
100 000 (any combination of users and AD groups)An AD with 40000 users and SMB share level permissions were tested to this size of AD,  Larger AD may work fine without issues.  This is a tested limit with no results for AD beyond this size.
Concurrent quick searches10 
Concurrent reports 1any other report jobs will be queued until a report slot is available to run on the ECA cluster
Enterprise Compliance Mode ClustersSupportedRequires compadmin user to add cluster to Eyeglass
Concurrent active wiretap monitoring sessions2Rate limits are applied on the event rate displayed in the UI
Defined Wiretap configurations (user or path)2Rate limits are applied on the event rate displayed in the UI
Active Audit - Mass Delete policies2Resources may need to increase to support policies.  RAM increase and GHZ
Active Audit - DLP policies
Resources may need to increase to support policies. RAM increase and GHZ

Custom Active Audit triggers25Tested limit of concurrent triggers
Number of records returned from a query1,000,000
Longest Running single Search job

20 hours
Timeout for jobs consuming search resources are capped at 20 hours.  This is to avoid a long running search consuming too many resources.   An advanced configuration to enable concurrent searches is possible.   See guide here on the process to enable concurrent searches.


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