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Eyeglass Backup Options

Eyeglass Backup Options

Eyeglass Warm Standby Deployment

The Warm Standby Eyeglass deployment protects the production Eyeglass appliance by using a 2nd unlicensed Eyeglass appliance and a backup and restore procedure for Eyeglass configuration.  Please refer to How to setup Warm Standby Backup Procedure for more information.

Supported Replication Topologies for 2 Copies of Data

Multi protocol NFS and SMB Access Zone failover supports 2 copies of data protection, with Active / Passive configuration.  An Access Zone cannot span clusters due to DNS delegation and simplified failover with Eyeglass that is fully automated.  


Eyeglass DR LiveOPS Features

LiveOPS are a set of features designed to allow continuous operations with no impact to production DR or cluster operations.  The first feature, available in this new family of features, is DR Test mode. This allows customers to execute DR testing on 3rd copies of data that also includes configuration data synced from the production cluster into a test Access Zone.

For detailed instructions on configuration, operation, and requirements of LiveOPS features consult the  Live Ops - Continuous Operations Admin Guide

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