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End to End Data Migration Steps to Move Data/Config and Users to new Access Zone


End to End Data Migration Steps to Move Data/Config and Users to new Access Zone

#Steps OutlineDetails of Test Setup

Does not delete original shares/exports

Use the same smartconnect zone to access data post migration


Same cluster access zone migration

testzone1 -> testzone2

Partial data covered by syncIQ policy div1

Share g1: /ifs/testzone/div1/group1

Share g1_1: /ifs/testzone1/div1/group1/group1_1

Share g2:/ifs/testzone1/div1/group2

Share g3:/ifs/testzone1/div1/group3


Share g1: /ifs/testzone1/div1/group1 to /ifs/testzone2/div1/group1

Share g1_1: /ifs/testzone1/div1/group1/group1_1



setup new access zone with AD provider

testzone2 setup


Refrain users from writing data being migrated

Method to be determined by customer


Do not disable Eyeglass job

Eyeglass job should be on all the time

E.g. not all data covered by a policy are migrated



Access zone migration from testzone1  to testzone2

Note: must select ‘Enable Source Write Access’ if source path  is covered by a policy to proceed

Data replicated

Share/export/quota’s created for new Access Zone on source

6PowerScale: associate new Access Zone to IP poolFor both source and target clusters setup IP pool in the new access zone
6APowerScale: Setup schedule to incrementally sync data on the zonemigration policy.This is created by Eyeglass.
6BEyeglass:  Run incremental config sync from Jobs window using the Zone migration policy name created by the migration job.Note: data sync on new directory paths that are created for config data must already exist.
6CThe steps 6A and 6B should be repeated up until the final day of the cut over to the new access zone.  This step should be done before moving the smartconnect zone name from the old IP pool to the New IP pool created in the steps below. 

Schedule Maintenance Window:

  1. Repeat step 6C
  2. Rename or delete source access zone smartconnect zone IP pool name.
  3. Create smartconect zone name on new access zone Pool on the new access zone.
  4. Verify DNS resolves correctly to the new IP pool using nslookup FQDN of smartconnect name.
  5. Verify from OneFS shares and exports on target access zone name exist as expected
  1. On Day of cut over use DR Assistant using SyncIQ policy failover mode.
  2. Failover data with DR Assistant
NOTE: Requires 2.5.6 or later release to select Migration policies in DR Assisstant
7User: able to access to new share using the same SmartConnect Zone nameNote: having problem with connection is not updated after associated to new AZ. Seems to be a Windows problem, Shows correct shares in zone only after reboot.
8Old shares: not accessible using the same SmartConnect Zone name since old SmartConnect Zone name has been renamedUsers left behind who were using that SmartConnect Zone name have no access and now need a new one - requires new pool and new SPN for new SmartConnect Zone name


Reprotect data to DR cluster

Create new synciq policy

Create new policy with new path

Run new policy



Create new corresponding access zone on target cluster

Enable Config Replication Job

Run new job - shares/exports are replicated to target cluster

Note: original job is still running - protecting shares left behind

If select ‘Delete Source Configuration’, original shares are deleted after access zone migration, old shares on target cluster are deleted after config replication.



Readiness job

Re-run readiness


mirror policy

Re-run failover


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