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ECA Cluster Topology Deployment Options


Eyeglass Clustered Agent Deployment Options

It's best practice to place ECA clusters near PowerScale clusters to reduce latency between the cluster and the ECA instance that is processing the audit log.  

The ECA is cluster can be deployed centrally in 2 configurations.

  1. Centralized with NFS over the WAN - in this configuration a central cluster has access over a WAN link to mount the remote cluster audit data over NFS.  This is recommended in metro WAN deployments
  2. Centralized with remote mini ECA cluster - This option is longer latency links between clusters with centralized processing and uses a single VM or 2 for HA at remote sites to collect audit data over a local NFS mount and forwards events to the centralized ECA cluster for processing.  This is recommended if the WAN is slow or latency is high > 10 MS RTT.

Supported Topology #1

Supported Topology #2 

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