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Document Management systems assist with complex file workflows to secure data, provide versioning of edits to data and provide an auditing solution.   A full blown document management solution is a very expensive large software deployment project.     This often ends up out of reach for small simple workflows.   This solution introduces a simple solution that uses SMB shares along with file and object platforms from Dell combined with Security and data management products from Superna to offer a robust lower cost easy to use Data Management system.     


  1. No training costs for administrators or users by using simple SMB shares
  2. Reduced complexity using automation features in Superna products
  3. Combining File and Object storage into the solution allows a lower price point when versioning and immutability is required
  4. Superna products leverage the key features of the PowerScale and ECS for a tightly integrated and secure solution
  5. Managed entirely by the Storage team for simplified support of the whole System

Use Cases

  1. Legal or compliance requirements for a document management system that can:
    1. track changes to documents, provide auditing, data security (malware, or malicious data attack), immutability, simplified security
  2. Document Workflows that result in document chain of custody from creation to completion
  3. Media & Entertainment workflows that involve sensitive documents within a project
  4. Police dash-cam and body-cam video chain of custody reporting
  5. Surveillance video
  6. Legal hold and legal investigation document workflows

Architecture Diagram

Requirement and Components

  1. PowerScale
  2. Dell ECS
  3. Superna
    1. Golden Copy & Pipeline
    2. Ransomware Defender for PowerScale
    3. Ransomware Defender for ECS
    4. Easy Auditor

Product Compliance with Document Management System Requirements

Document Management Requirement 
Product Compliance
Secure document storage
PowerScale SMB 3 encrypted file shares
Full auditing of user access to data
Superna Easy Auditor provides reports and realtime detection of malicious behaviour impact secure document data
Transparent Document versioning
Dell ECS object storage provides copies of documents and stores versions of each document for long term storage, document versions are auto detected by Golden Copy and synced to object storage.
Data Sync file to object for long term retention of document versions
Golden Copy provides incremental data sync to ECS and enables document versioning of data and metadata protection of the documents (owner, group, mode bits, date stamps, folder ACL's)
Immutability of documents for chain of custody
Dell ECS object storage provides object lock on versioned data, to provide long term retention and read only access to document version to comply with legal hold and forensics requirements in a document management system
Legal or end user read only secure access to document versions
Golden Copy provides cloud browser interface that allows user or legal login to view locked versions of documents and single file download to view a document locally without any ability to edit, delete locked versions
Real time Ransomware protection of document data
Ransomware Defender for File and object provides real time ransomware protection of secure data, including detection, protection and recovery automation of both PowerScale and ECS from a single pane of glass
Real time Data loss prevention
Easy Auditor provides real time alerting of an user that attempts to bulk copy sensitive data from the secure SMB share with real time alerts that indicate the user name , ip address of the machine and a list of affected files
Real time Mass Delete detection and protection
Easy Auditor provides detection of any user attempting to delete data and provides recovery snapshots to recover data with real time alerts that indicate the user name , ip address of the machine and a list of affected files
Delete propagation protection
Any deletes from the SMB share will be ignored by Golden Copy, preserving all documents in a secured isolated object format to ensure no data can ever be deleted.    Isolated delete feature in Golden Copy can move delete requests into a special ECS bucket for simple browsing of delete requests from end users to track what data was attempted to be deleted.
Real time Delete notifications
Easy Auditor can track and file or folder deletes and notify administrators with the with real time alerts that indicate the user name , ip address of the machine and a list of affected files

How To The Configure Document Management System

  1. Create an SMB share on PowerScale for users of the system to store documents and collaborate and setup SMB permissions with AD groups.
  2. Deploy Superna products with defaults
  3. Easy Auditor
    1. Enable PowerScale auditing on the access zone that contains the SMB share
    2. Configure Data Loss Prevention Active Auditor feature on the SMB share path to alert on bulk data copies on the secure share
    3. Configure the Mass Delete Active Auditor feature on the SMB share path to alert on mass file deletion by any user
    4. Configure a custom trigger Active Auditor feature for login log off tracking of users
    5. Configure a custom trigger Active Auditor feature for file deletes on the SMB share path to track users that delete secured data on the SMB share
  4. Golden Copy
    1. Configure a folder sync with incremental schedule set to 10 minutes
    2. Enable trashcan feature to move delete requests to a special ECS S3 bucket
    3. OR disable incremental file delete sync to ensure no data on ECS is ever deleted
    4. Enable AD login for legal or users to browser data versions stored in the ECS document respository.
  5. Dell ECS
    1. Enable object lock and bucket versioning to store long term versions in a locked immutable format.

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