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Diagnostic Tools for Dark Site Support

Diagnostic Tools for Dark Site Support

This feature allows diagnostic tool to process logs on the appliance and summarize errors from config sync, time to sync, failover jobs.   This tool is the same log analysis tool used by support when logs are uploaded.  This tool anonymizes the data in the logs and provides summary analysis of errors, alarms, and DR readiness.   

Customers can schedule training with support to read the output when opening a case.

To execute the log analysis:

  1. SSH to appliance as admin user.
  2. Run command: igls app report
  3. Wait for the report to complete.
  4. See logs report on: https://<eyeglass IP address>/report/ .
  5. Alternate location is  /srv/www/htdocs/report with file name index.html can be downloaded via scp to review and open in a browser.
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