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Changing Eyeglass UI Behavior



The Eyeglass UI behavior has some capabilities to change its behavior. The sections below cover these modification steps.

How to Extend the GUI Auto Logout Timer (we know, but at least it's here now)

  1. Requirements:
    1. or later
  2. Login to Eyeglass as admin
  3. change to root
  4. sudo -s (enter admin password)
  5. nano /opt/superna/sca/data/system.xml
  6. under the section  <process> add the tag below 
    1. Enter the value in milliseconds before auto logout will apply.    (we know, we had the same question for development but this does give you very fine grained control now, take minutes and multiple by 60000 to get milliseconds 
    2. 30 minutes = 1800000
    3. 1 hour         = 108000000 
    4. <uitimeout>1800000</uitimeout>
  7. Control + X (to save and exit)
  8. systemctl restart sca 
  9. done

How to Disable the Twitter Software Notification Feed on the Login Page

  1. Requires 2.5.6 or later
  2. Login to Eyeglass using ssh as admin
  3. sudo -s (enter root password)
  4. nano /srv/www/htdocs/eyeglass/js/eyeglass_globals.js 
  5. Locate the tag twitter_feed_enabled:!0  and change to  twitter_feed_enabled:0  (by removing the ! character before the 0)
  6. press ctrl key + w  and type twitter to locate the correct section.
  7. Use arrow keys to the ! character and delete this character
  8. Save the file ctrl key + x
  9. Type Y to save the file
  10. Refresh the UI browser and the twitter feed will disappear.
  11. NOTE:  This modification will not be persistent over upgrades

How to extend the UI API timeout for long running commands example Unlock My files 

  1. When Eyeglass manages a large number of objects, some of the GUI windows or long running search for files with unlock my files with the Cluster Storage Monitor product. The timeout needs to be changed
  2. Default value is set to 45 seconds and if you need to change these parameters editing the file Eyeglasss_globals.js as follows:
  3. Login to Eyeglass via ssh
  4. vim /srv/www/htdocs/eyeglass/js/eyeglass_globals.js
  5. Type the / character to search and type 45 , then press enter so they cursor stays at the current location, the section should show this text ({ajax_get_timeout_seconds:45
  6. Type x  key twice to delete the 45
  7. Type i  (to start an insert operation)
  8. Type 90 (for 90 seconds)
  9. Press Esc key to exit insert mode
  10. Type  :wq (colon then wq to write and save)
  11. Now refresh the UI page and the timeout will now be 90 seconds for a long running request.

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