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Bulk Recall of Data from AWS and Azure



In cases where large quantities of data are required to be recalled it's more cost effective to use either the AWS Snowball or Azure Data Box solution to avoid egress charges.  The chosen solution should be used following the guides on how to request or export data from a storage bucket or container.

When to use

  1. This option should only be used for very large files and when Internet bandwidth is limited to veery low rates.   This option is not faster for small files or when 100 Mbps or more of Internet bandwidth is available.  Consult with support before using this option. In most cases sending data directly over the Internet will always be faster.

AWS Snowball Data Export

  1. This guide covers ordering an export Snowball device to be shipped to your location.
  2. Use the Snowball client to copy data from your Snowball to a mounted export on the cluster to start your copy.
  3. NOTE:  This will not apply metadata during the recall of data from Snowball.
  4. A release of Golden Copy will add support for Snowball recall + meta data copy for high speed data recovery, using the cluster nodes to retrieve data over S3 from the Snowball device. 

Azure Data Box Data Export

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