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System Overview

System Overview

Eyeglass Probe for CA UIM leverages Eyeglass DR Orchestration platform software to provide a single integration point for CA UIM and native PowerScale REST API.  CA UIM with Eyeglass Probe offers alarm and DR status readiness for PowerScale multi cluster monitoring of hardware, software and DR readiness. 

Eyeglass Probe: This probe provides inventory and alarm collection from PowerScale clusters and Vblock’s.

Eyeglass Probe Deployment and Management: Eyeglass Probe is a native UIM probe that is deployed and managed using the UIM Infrastructure Manager.  The UIM Infrastructure Manager connects to an active Hub and allows you to control, configure and manage all robots and probes connected to that hub.  It also provides a probe Archive.  A probe can be deployed to any UIM hub once it has been imported into the Archive.

  • Eyeglass Probe must be installed on a UIM Robot which has IP connectivity to the Eyeglass appliance

For additional documentation on CA UIM, please refer to support.ca.com.

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