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Configure Eyeglass Firewall for Probe Service Broker Connection

Configure Eyeglass Firewall for  Probe Service Broker Connection


The Probe running on UIM Robot over the network requires a firewall port opened from the probe to Eyeglass (one direction port opened).  Note if using converged deployment model with co-resident Robot + probe then the firewall must be modified to open default HUB to Robot port of 48000.  

  1. Login to Eyeglass appliance via ssh
  2. Type sudo -s
  3. Enter admin password
  4. Type yast
  5. Arrow down to security and users and arrow to firewall enter
  6. Arrow to Allowed Services
  7. Tab to Advanced option
  1. Enter ports as shown below with the following notes:
  1. Enter 37356 for TCP when Service  Broker port for UIM probe access is required
  2. Also enter port 48000 if you have installed UIM robot onto the eyeglass appliance for converged deployment model where the UIM robot and probe will run on the eyeglass appliance.  Follow Linux Robot install instructions to install a Robot on Eyeglass appliance.
  3. The above image shows both ports setup on the appliance
  4. Click ok, then exit yast settings to save.
  5. Done
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