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VIPR Controller Data Protection with Eyeglass

VIPR Controller Data Protection with Eyeglass

Solution Overview

VIPR Controller can be used to create workflows to create shares and exports or assign quotas to PowerScale file systems.

Eyeglass can be used to protect VIPR created configuration data and failover the data and configuration using all available failover mode include Access Zone and DFS mode failover.  The same level of data protection is available for VIPR data and non VIPR data.

This solution is transparent to VIPR controller allowing complete flexibility to use VIPR controller for some data while unifying the failover strategy with  Superna Eyeglass.

Solution Test Case

The tested solution used VIPR Controller 3.5 and Eyeglass 1.8 release.  Source cluster was OneFS 7.x and target was OneFS 8.x.  This was done to show how Eyeglass handles different OneFS releases on each cluster.

The steps taken were the following as shown below.

  1. Create shares and exports with VIPR
  2. Configure SyncIQ to protect a VIPR project or all VIPR data (can be protected at any level, project, tenant or entire VIPR installation)
  3. Eyeglass to Sync vipr created configuration to DR cluster.

VIPR Created Configuration

vipr provisioned shares and exports.png

VIPR created config on the Prod cluster

vipr production cluster share.png

vipr production cluster export.png

All VIPR Created Resources

vipr production resources .png

DR Cluster before Eyeglass

DR cluster before eyeglass sync.png

dr cluster before eyeglass sync 2.png

Eyeglass Job to Protect VIPR config

eyeglass job protecting vipr shares and exports .png

Eyeglass Job Protecting VIPR Config between Onefs 7 and 8 Prod and DR clusters

eyeglass creating shares and exports on DR cluster.png

DR Cluster post Eyeglass Job

after eyeglass protects vipr on dr shares.png

after eyeglass protects vipr on dr exports.png

Ready for failover!!

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