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Release 1.1.3 - Golden Copy


What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.3

What’s New! In Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy can be found here.

Supported OneFS releases



Supported S3 Protocol Targets

Amazon S3 version 4 of the authentication is supported (details here)

Dell ECS version 2

Azure blob services using S3 version of the authenticated protocol

Cohesity 6.3.1e AWS version 4 signature (ask about other versions)

End of Life Notifications


End of Life Date

No End of Life Notification at this time 

Fixed in 1.1.3-20077

T15380 Multi-part File Upload - UploadID not received error (AWS, ECS)

Upload of files larger than 6 MB that are split into parts would sometimes fail for AWS and ECS with the error that the UploadID was not received.

Resolution: Additional attempts are made to retrieve uploadID such that upload can proceed.

Fixed in 1.1.3-20071


T13257 Azure sync mode not working for large files

Sync mode which will re-upload files that were previously uploaded will fail for files larger than 6 MB.

Resolution: Sync mode now working for files larger than 6 MB.


Known Issues

Known Issues Archiving

T13738, T15301 Archive jobs cannot run in parallel

Multiple archive jobs cannot be run in parallel.

Workaround: Run archive jobs one at a time.


T14014 Incremental upload requires 2 cycles before picking up changes

For incremental upload, changes are detected by comparing 2 snapshots. After enabling incremental or incremental on a newly added folder will required 2 incremental upload cycles to run and create 2 different point in time snapshots before changes will be detected.

Workaround: none required


T14703 Loss of connectivity to one PowerScale node stops archiving on other available PowerScale nodes

If Golden Copy loses connectivity to one of the PowerScale nodes, all upload on nodes with connectivity also stops until the connectivity restored.

Workaround: None required. Once connectivity is restored upload continues after approximately 10 minutes.


T15201 Upload jobs not marked as complete

Reporting under following scenarios does not recognize upload job as being completed:

- incremental upload jobs that have connectivity errors to PowerScale or S3 target 

- full archive jobs that have connectivity errors to PowerScale or S3 target


-The job report naming includes "checkpoint" string which is used to identify interim reports and it may take 30 to 60 minutes for final summary reports to appear.

- Summary reports show job as running and still have the checkpoint string

- If Golden Copy archiveworker is restarted it will reupload files based on content of checkpoint files that may already have been successfully uploaded.

- checkpoint files continue to be updated

Workaround: File upload information in summary report is accurate. To determine whether a job is really still running ssh to the Golden Copy VM and execute the command:

searchctl jobs running

and check whether the Job ID from the report is listed as a running job.


T15372 Archive stats using searchctl archivedfolder stats command is missing stat for failed file

The searchctl archivedfolder stats command lists a failed file upload as an archived file upload.

Workaround: The summary.html file and summary.json correctly show a count of failed files.


T15312 Archive job incorrectly presented as completed

Condition may occur where upload is still in progress but the searchctl jobs running command will not longer show the job as running even though uploading is still in progress.

Workaround: None required. The progress can be viewed in the logs. Final summary.html file once completed is correct.


T15317, T15363 Delay in publishing reports

There may be a delay in publishing either interim or final reports so that they are available for review as html files. While the report data is not being updated, the html report for viewing progress will either be out of date or not available.

Workaround: None required. After a period of time the html reports are created as expected.


T15389 Summary html report shows incorrect endtime and duration when S3 target is not reachable

The Summary html report shows invalid endtime and duration when S3 target is not reachable for an archive job.

Workaround: None required. Duration, start and end time can be tracked using manual process.


T15402 Files that failed to upload due to connectivity issue with PowerScale are not tracked

Summary reports do not contain a count or list of files that failed to upload.

Impact: Using re-run option will not be able to selectively upload those files.

Workaround: Contact for assistance. May require re-upload to pickup failed files.


T15827 Folder objects not storing expected Metadata for AD owned folders (ECS, Cohesity)

Folder objects may be missing metadata for Group, ACL, Mode (permission), Owner for ECS and Cohesity.

Workaround: None available.


Known Issues General & Administration

T13683 Global Rate Limit not visible from CLI

If a global rate limit is set using searchctl archivedfolders configure the limit that is set is not visible using CLI commands or as a parameter of the archived folder.

Workaround: ssh to Golden Copy and execute these 2 commands:

1. ecactl zk shell

2. get /ecasettings/PowerScale-clusters.json 

The global rate limit will be shown at the top of the output as "limitRate"


T14025 Changing PowerScale user requires a cluster down/up

If the user that was used when adding PowerScale to Golden Copy is changed, sessions still established with PowerScale using previous user.

Workaround: A cluster down/up is required to refresh user being used to connect to PowerScale. Contact for assistance.


T15401 Modify folder settings without specifing other values picks up defaults

For example if you were to modify --skip-s3-file-exists setting from false to true without specifying any other options in the modify command

searchctl archivedfolders modify --skip-s3-file-exists true --id <folder id>

settings for other options such as checksum would return to their default setting and you would lost customized settings for those options.

Workaround: Specify all options with customized settings when modifying a folder.


Known Limitations

T15251 Upload from snapshot requires snapshot to be in Golden Copy Inventory

Golden Copy upload from an PowerScale snapshot requires snapshot to be in Golden Copy Inventory. Inventory task is run once a day. If you attempt to start archive without snapshot in inventory you will get error message "Incorrect snapshot provided".

Workaround: Wait for scheduled inventory to run or run inventory manually using command: searchctl PowerScales runinventory

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