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Release 1.0 - Search and Recover

These Release Notes cover the Superna Eyeglass Search and Recover product.

What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Search and Recover

Release 1.0

What’s New! In Superna Eyeglass Search and Recover can be found here.

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Fixed in this release


T9864 Remove and readd PowerScale Cluster loses license

If you remove and re-add an PowerScale cluster that was previously licensed, the license will not be reassigned. 

Resolution: PowerScale cluster after having been licensed can be removed and readded and existing license is maintained.



T9902 Small and large csv fields are inconsistent

Download of csv with 100,000 records or less has more fields than the csv download with larger number of records from download link.

Resolution: Download from GUI will show columns where at least 1 record has data.


T10199 Cannot set metaInclude or fullInclude path

The metaIncludes and fullIncludes parameters do not work when specified as a path. 

Resolution: Now able to specify metaIncludes or fullIncludes as a path.


Known Issues


T9378 File or Folder rename may return results for both old and new name

When a file or folder has been renamed, search may return results for both the old and new name if search is referencing data that was added with old name.

Workaround: None available


T9420 Search does not return results for some non Latin or Cyrillic based languages

Search has been found to not return results for some non Latin or Cyrillic based languages such as: Japanese-Kanji Script

Workaround: None available


T9421 Search may return extra results where multiple different language files indexed

For the case where files of multiple languages have been indexed, a search may incorrectly return extra files not related to the search criteria. 

Workaround: None required.


T9731 Administrator Override Path Search Syntax Issues

For a user logged into search that has been configured with Administrator Override privileges, the Advanced Search "File Path" has following syntax issues:

1. Cannot search on /ifs or /ifs/. This wil return and error or 0 results.

2. For all other paths, the path entered with a trailing slash will return 0 results.


  1. Do not search on /ifs path.
  2. For all other paths, enter in the File Path field without the trailing slash - for example: /ifs/data/path1


T9988 Advanced Search for file size accepts non-numeric characters

The Advanced Search File Size Min and Max fields incorrectly accept non-numeric characters.

Workaround: Only enter numbers for File Size Min and Max.


T9832 Index Folder Last Modified timestamp may not be updated

A change to a file directly under a folder that has been defined as a search index folder will not update the folder last modified timestamp. Folder last modified is correctly updated if change is made in a subfolder of the index folder.

Workaround: The Last Modified time for files directly beneath the folder is available.


T9894 Indexed files with special characters may not be searchable

Indexed files containing special characters ~@#$%^&()_+`-={}[];',. may result in error searching or return an incomplete search set (see T9895).

Workaround: None available.


T9895 Incomplete dataset displayed on GUI after indexing error

Indexing error such as described in T9894 may result in incomplete dataset or duplicates returned to GUI when searching.

Workaround: None available.


T10138 Search results details pane not updated for new search

The Details pane that is displayed when you select a file from search results does not get refreshed after a subsquent search. It continues to display the details for the previously selected file.

Workaround: Details pane will be updated with new information when a new file is selected.


T10196 Search time reported may not be the total elapsed time

The search time that is reported in the user search GUI is the time for Search and Recover to complete it's query. For the case where there are multiple concurrent queries in progress, some queries may be queued and in that case the search time displayed may not reflect the actual elapsed time.  

Workaround: None required. Plan to include reporting both elapsed and query time in a future release.


T10269 Search csv and cmd writer download may not contain records in same order as GUI

The csv and cmd writer download may not display search results in the same order that they are displayed on the GUI. This may be of particular notice when not all records are downloaded.

Workaround: Download all search results to see all and use spreadsheet sorting and filtering to order results.


T10270 Search results may be duplicated when scrolling through multiple pages or in csv download

In retrieving a large search result, some records may be displayed multiple times while scrolling through results or in downloaded csv.  

Workaround: None required.


T10289 Search Advanced Search Filter "File Title" may return unexpected results

When using the "File Title" Advanced Search filter, results may return extra files or unexpected files that do not completely match critera.  

Workaround: When searching for "File Title" use complete filename including extension and also specify the extension in the extension filter.


T10435 % in share name blocks Search

Unable to search if there is a share name on the cluster that includes a % special character  

Workaround: None available


Security and Access

T9654 Unable to login and search using run as root user

Cannot login to search GUI with run as root user even if share has run as root user permission configured.

Workaround: None available


Configuration and Management

T9524 Deleting folder does not remove associated snapshots on PowerScale

If a folder that has been added for indexing is subsequently removed from Search and Recover, the associated snapshot alias and snapshots are not deleted from PowerScale. 

Workaround: Prior to deleting the folder, take note of the folder ID using the command:

searchctl folders list

There will be 1 snapshot alias and 2 snapshots present on the PowerScale related to this folder.  To identify the related snapshots, the naming convention followed is:

iglssrch-<folder id>

where <folder id> is the id returned from the searchctl folders list command.  

Once identified, the snapshot alias and snapshots should be deleted manually.


T9856 DOMAIN\user format results in error when configuring Administrator Override

When configuring Administrator Override using command

searchctl settings admins add --name

entering --name using format DOMAIN\username will result in an error.  

Workaround: Use format or user SID for the --name parameter.


T10085 Cannot set metaInclude or fullInclude when adding search folder

The metaIncludes and fullIncludes parameters are ignored when you add a search folder using searchctl folders add command. 

Workaround: Add the folder first and then modify folder using searchctl folders modify command to configure metaIncludes and fullIncludes.


T10214 PowerScale cluster may become unlicensed after stopping and starting Search

After stopping and starting Search, the License information may not be retrieved properly leaving the PowerScale in an unlicensed state and no indexing being performed.

Workaround: Contact for assistance with this issue.


T10485 Newly added folder indexed files do not show up in search results

A newly added folder will not show up in search results until the Search inventory task has run.

Workaround: Run the Search inventory task manually by ssh to the Search cluster node 1 and run the command "searchctl PowerScales runinventory" 

T10533 After disk usage crosses alarm threshold indexing must be manually restarted

By design when disk usage threshold is crossed indexing is paused. However once disk usage falls below threshold again indexing is not automatically resumed.

Workaround: Container responsible for indexing must be manually restarted. Contact for assistance.

T10589 Search Folder Stats missing error stat for content indexing

When an error occurs in indexing a file for content, the folder stats may only show the error for the meta-data component of indexing instead of also showing error for content indexing.

Workaround: None available. If error occurred on meta-data component of indexing, no content indexing will be performed.


T9458 Zoneunc command is case sensitive to Access Zone name for non-System Access Zone

When configuring Zoneunc using command

searchctl settings zoneunc add

if the --zone option does not have Access Zone name matching Access Zone name case in PowerScale for non-System Access Zone, login will fail.

Workaround: Ensure that --zone option uses exactly same case as is provisioned in PowerScale.



T8052 Browser Issues

IE 11 - Banners and Headings in GUI not aligned

Workaround: None available


T10234 Some Language specific characters may not be displayed correctly in csv download

There may be some language specfic characters that do not display correctly in the csv downloaded version of the search results.

Workaround: None available.


T10235 Advanced Search chips may not all display in search bar

When Advanced Search filter criteria are applied to a search, "chips" to indicate that filtering is in place are added the main search bar. In the case where there are several filter criteria defined, it may be that not all "chips" will be visible in the main search bar.

Workaround: Expanding the browser window may allow all chips to be displayed or expand the Advanced Search window to view all filters.


T10520 Main Search bar does not indicate error in Advanced Search criteria

When Advanced Search filter criteria have a validation error it is indicated on the Advanced Search window but there is no indication in main search bar that validation error has occurred and search could not be performed.

Workaround: Open Advanced Search window to see validation errors. Update search criteria to be error free in order to execute a search.


Known Limitations

T9530 Files in linked folders cannot be indexed for full content

Files that are in a folder on the PowerScale that is sym-link to another folder cannot be indexed for full content due to the fact the PowerScale snapshots refer to physical path and sym-linked folders cannot be differentiated.

Workaround: Linked folders can be indexed for meta-data.


T10290 Modifying folder index definition takes effect next full or incremental index

If the folder index definition in Search & Recover is modified (for example to change fullIncludes or metaIncludes) the change will only take effect on the next full or incremental index. If the folder definition was modified while a full index was in progress, it would not take effect in that current job but the next job (full or incremental) that starts.

Workaround: None required.


T10306 Error creating incremental ingestion job loses data from that interval

If an error occurs creating the incremental ingestion job, the changes which occurred during that interval are not processed or picked up in the next interval.

Workaround: None required - next modification of file will pick up all changes.


T10434 Changes to share used for authentication or in search results requires Search inventory and new session to take effect

A change to the name or permissions of a share that is related indexed will require effect:

1) Search inventory task must run (runs daily at midnight)

2) Must open a new Search GUI session. Changes do not take effect on current GUI session for either permissions or share display.

Workaround: None required - Inventory can be run manually by ssh to the Search cluster node 1 and run the command "searchctl PowerScales runinventory"


T10548 Indexing zip file may exceed maximum index file size

On index of a zip file, even if the zip file itself falls below maximum file size for indexing once extracted for indexing it may exceed maximum file size and will be unable to be indexed. There is no recording of error on this indexing error.

Workaround: Consider whether zip files need to be indexed for content, if not they can be excluded from content indexing.

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