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Why Eyeglass Search & Recover is the only solution for Scale Out NAS Content Indexing


How Eyeglass Search Solves content ingestion challenges

  1. Preserve Last Accessed Attribute:

    Ingest & index data from automated PowerScale Snapshots preserves the last accessed attribute on files.

  2. Incremental Indexing: Snapshot comparison allows native PowerScale change file detection feature to provide a list of changed files.  The benefits are:

    • Incremental file metadata and content reindexing.

    • Massive reduction in IOPS required to maintain a current index.

    • Ensures files are an exact point time when indexed.

    • Avoids open file issues when indexing files on a live file system.

  3. Security:  Mounting a read only locked snapshot avoids any live file system permissions changes to index the data, closing this security gap in other solutions.

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