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Search & Recover What's New

  1. See the new features of Release 1.1.1 here
  2. Release 1.1.5 will add:
    1. Overview Video 
    2. Show Back & Charge Back feature
      1. Scheduled searches from all Search UI's and Quick Reports allows custom search and email results daily, weekly, monthly.   Add $ to you search by file pool and send charge back reports to department or project owners
      2. Schedule any search for security , monitoring usage, data growth 
    3. File Pool Aware search UI and File pool aware Quick Reports enabled file pool awareness to all existing Quick Reports.
    4. Classification Engine -  Full custom tagging feature to read the contents of files with regex pattern matching mapped to a custom tag.  The Classification tags are automatically populated in all Search UI's and Quick reports allowing security, compliance or custom tagging of data using simple tags.   The feature does not require any more disk space than meta data indexing since the contents of the documents are not full text indexed.
    5. New Quick Report - Whats in the File Pool? Automatic file pool reporting imports file pool policies directly into the Search interface. 
    6. Cluster selection in Search UI and Quick Reports.  Allows search installation with multiple clusters managed by a single installation to select which cluster search in UI.
    7. Snapshot only mode  for indexing snapshots only with increased scalability of the number of snapshots that can be monitored for changes.
    8. Integration with Golden copy to index copied files with search result CSV files can be imported into Golden Copy to archive data in the search results.
    9. BETA - S3 indexing (metadata only) allows indexing object names and properties into the index with the ability to search through objects added through S3 bucket scanning.
    10. BETA - File system capacity browser
    11. Phone Home Support 
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