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What's New with DR Product Releases



  1. 2.5.5 - Full support for 8.2 Onefs including default directory quota failover.  All Eyeglass functionality is supported with this release.
    1. SyncIQ encryption can be used and does not impact Eyeglass Failover
  2. 2.5.6 - DR Release with many new feature listed here
  3. 2.5.7 - SyncIQ Monitor - Audits SyncIQ data sync by adding test data with timestamps to the source cluster and compares when synciq runs, and verifies timestamps on the target cluster.   This provides the highest level of data off site backup confidence in your off site data.   The job is disabled by default and requires configuration.
  4. 2.5.7 update 1 -  Major security updates with built in secure virtual network between Eyeglass and ECA VM's.  ECA management VM GUI access now secured by authenticated proxy login over https, with no direct access, Eyeglass removes 4 open ports 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 are no longer required.  Removal of additional components for web sockets.
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