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What's New with AnyCopy


Overview 2.5.7 Update 1

  1. One to Many Copy jobs -  Allows content distribution from a single source cluster to many target paths on the same cluster or multiple clusters or any combination of path and cluster targets
  2. Scheduling Copy Jobs - The ability to create a copy job and set an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly schedule on a job
  3. Retain SyncIQ policy Option - This can now be disabled and still allow scheduling the job. This will create the synciq policy before each scheduled job.

Overview 2.5.7

  1. The latest release offers power users storage side copy performance offload to Isilon clusters.   
  2. Maintains data security based on SMB share detection for end users to browse smartconnect SMB shares for data to copy between clusters.
  3. RBAC with user and administrator roles to control access to reporting.
    1. Administrator role can see all copy job history
    2. User role can only see job history for jobs the created
  4. Email notification list of copy jobs to update end users when a copy is finished,  updates during the copy process to avoid the need to login to the UI to check on progress.   Final email summary of copy performance and UNC path of the target of the data copy job.
  5. slack channel support with webhook to publish copy updates to a slack channel
  6. Real time monitoring of SyncIQ jobs with throughput and files progress tracking
  7. Historical job run stores the last results of the copy for each execution
  8. Copy audit logs stores target folder file summary of all files copied using Isilon change list API to scale tracking files using snapshot technology.   SyncIQ job summary is also stored for diagnostics.
  9. SyncIQ policies are created on demand and can be left behind to run over and over again or auto delete and recreate policies as needed.
  10. Re run previous copy jobs

Use Cases

  1. Power user offload copying large datasets powered by SyncIQ.  Remove network traffic from user PC's and networks with same cluster or cluster to cluster transparent copy tool, leveraging the multi node synciq engine to move data at high speed
  2. Medical research, Media and Entertainment work flows to enable researches and media data to movement of large data sets without IT assistance.  Fast, secure and self serve tool to push data movement to end users while allowing centralized monitor, auditing and control of data movement.
  3. Data Archive -  Move data from production to archive clusters with file copy audit log for compliance and proof of what data was archived.  Centralized copy tool tracks all file changes for each copy job using Isilon snapshots and changelist API feature.  Track all diagnostics with SyncIQ job reports stored permanently as a compliance record of the copy jobs.
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