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Eyeglass DR Azure & VMware MarketPlace Deployment Guide


OverView Azure Marketplace

Customers that use Azure can now deploy Eyeglass DR as a native VM directly from the Azure marketplace and use the cloud as a 3rd site cluster witness architecture to monitor their datacenter storage failover process with Eyeglass DR VM.


  1. Azure Subscription and permissions to deploy VM's from the marketplace
  2. Minimum permissions and firewall rules enabled within Azure to reach the PowerScale clusters

How to deploy Azure Marketplace Eyeglass DR

  1. Login to the Azure console
  2. Click this link Superna Eyeglass DR Azure Marketplace Download
  3. Click Get it now and follow the normal VM deployment process
    1. .   
  4. Ensure Firewall ports are open and IP routing configured to allow Eyeglass DR in Azure to reach your PowerScale clusters
  5. Download upgrade files by following the steps here
  6. Transfer the upgrade file to your Azure VM using WinSCP and default login admin and password 3y3gl4ss
  7. Follow the Software upgrade steps here to install the latest code into your Eyeglass Azure VM.  
  8. Install licenses 
  9. Done

Overview Vmware MarketPlace

A new deployment option for on premise vCenter content library  subscription option or VMware on AWS Cloud deployment.  This guide will cover the content library solution with the VMware marketplace.

NOTE: Not all versions of vcenter content library are tested.   If you receive a deployment error due to compatibility issue with your version of vcenter, please download the OVA for direct deployment from and deploy the OVA following this guide

Subscribe to the MarketPlace Eyeglass OVA

  1. Click this link to go to the Eyeglass Marketplace listing.   You will need to login with your vmware account to be able to subscribe to the appliance.
  2. Click subscribe button
  3. Select the on premise option and name the content library entry Eyeglass
  4. Enable auto update with 2 versions
  5. Accept the EULA check box and click finish
  6. Click the Check subscription status link
  7. Scroll Down to get the subscription URL
  8. Copy the subscription URL
  9. Login to vcenter and open the content library UI
  10. Click + to add a new library
  11. Click next and switch to subscription library and paste the url into the url input. 
  12. Select a data store to store the OVA image
  13. Click next and then finish to create the library
  14. This will trigger a download and may take time to complete before the template is available for deployment.
  15. Done.

How to Deploy Eyeglass from a Content Library

  1. Login to vCenter
  2. Open Content Library
  3. Click on Eyeglass Content Library
  4. Right Click the OVA template
  5. Select New VM from This Template Option
  6. Follow the VM deployment Wizard and select options to deploy the Eyeglass VM.
  7. On the VM Network tab make sure to change the Destination Eyeglass Network to a network in your vmware environment.
  8. Data Disk Size must be left at 80GB.  Do not change this value.
  9. On the Customize Template tab --> Network section
    1. Edit the pre-populated IP address, network mask and gateway to match your network environment.  
    2. Enter NTP IP address
    3. Enter a host name
    4. Enter DNS IP address (leave DNS search List blank)
  10. Complete the wizard to deploy the OVA appliance.
  11. Complete the remaining installation tasks following the installation guide.



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